Monday, January 10, 2011

cabin fever. literally.

It snowed. Again.
The town is shut down, again. 
Like, Chad got a call early this morning telling him to stay home.
Now we are playing the game of: trying to come up with other things to do besides playing in the snow.
These kids must get over their sliminess. So I'm thinking no extreme temperature exposure.
Any ideas for at-home-entertainment for this three year old would be much appreciated. 


Kacorn said...

We love dress up tea parties... and forts (fitted sheets over chairs and couches make great forts). Good luck! But yay for a free husband day!

Carly said...

well... i've been pushing stella around the house in a diaper box all day... hahahaha
if you have any cheap shaving cream that's fun to paint with on the table or counter...
yeah. i need help in this area too haha

Unknown said...

I do this all the time when I babysit, but I use old toys,hot glue and glitter instead of the other stuff. :)

Tatiana said...

Dude, Evva and I built a hut the other day. Watching movies is 10x better when you do it in a hut!

Unknown said...

How to dye macaroni beads. The little ones work really well and fish line works for string.
Pour 1/4 box of "beads" into large bowl. Add enough white vinegar ( or whatever color you have on hand) to dampen beads. Add whatever color food coloring the kids want (too many makes a yucky army gray). Toss around with a spoon until "beads" are colored. Spread out on newspaper to dry. Make more colors of beads as wanted. Start beading. The kids will look like little gypsies in no time.