Thursday, January 6, 2011

crocodile lake

Lily is at the age where her magical imagination is starting to really shine.
I often find myself making the mistake thinking that she just "knows" how to play.
When really, I think it's my job to teach her how to have adventures, well, at least get started on them.
 Well, there are perks to never putting laundry away. This morning laundry, diapers and books were the stepping stones on crocodile lake (thank you Dora). We were jumping from one stone to the next, screaming and saving "baby fish" (aka balloons) from the crocodiles.
What was really magical was when she "got it". When she would scream if she or me touched the ground. Or when she figured out how to put the books down and then walk. And when she would pull me up on our boats (red couches).

Make your own crocodile lake today, or dragon lake, or hot-lava-monster (thanks Kels!).


Kelsey said...

haha. I remember playing Hot Lava Monster like every time I was at your house.

The other day I was actually thinking about that when I got annoyed at Macey for flinging herself around on the couches. I remembered how I wanted to be the kind of mom that let their kid jump on their furniture in order to escape the evils lurking below and that it's lame to worry about my cushions getting destroyed. So, I bit my tongue and threw a pillow at her instead. Way more fun then getting mad. :)

Haley said...

oh I love little kids imagination :) And I love thinking about her helping her cute mama be safe from the crocs!

Vashti said...

I love your pants! They look super comfy!
Little kids (and Mommy's) imaginations are the BEST!