Sunday, January 30, 2011


So, you know the other day when I had that day to myself?
What did I do? 
Value Village,
Salvation Army,

These are some of the fruits of my labor:
 I never knew I NEEDED an orange pencil skirt until I snagged this one at Valvil (yes, I am at the nick-name level in our relationship). This ruffly shirt? Totally vintage (aka, weird tag name and sizing, plus normal slight staining in the norm places) and I got it for 2 dolla. Holla! My lacy blue tights? Target.
 I'm pretty sure you and/or your mom (mine did) had this exact same 80's fabulous plaid shirt. I want to have a decent collection of rad button up shirts. Like, for them to take over my v-neck tee collection.
I was so stoked when I found this shirt at Salvation Army. Chad and I named this shirt: Golden Girls. Not just because it's gold, and sparkly, but because it looks like the Golden Girls would have worn it on their show. I don't care what people say, I love it. This shirt with my pencil skirt, or jeans makes me feel all fancy.

When I walked into Hong Kong Vintage, out side I smiled and played it cool complimenting the girl working how rad the place was but inside I was: "SQUUUEEEEEEELLL!!!!!" 
Seriously, it was my piece of heaven. I officially want to open my own vintage shop someday, next door to Chad's bike shop/bakery. And we will live above in a sweet apartment. I'll give you discount.
Ok, back to what I was saying, such a great store, but my daily budget for the whole day was $20, so I wasn't able to get the dress I loved there, but perhaps for my birthday?

Long story short: thrift stores = happiness.
And I am a dork in front of the camera.
The end.


John and Rachel Erickson said...

Hey Rachel K, it's Rachel M. My mom found your blog somehow (she's such a blog stalker) and we are addicted! I love your sassy girls and positive outlook on life. I need an orange pencil skirt. Jealous.

Krystal said...

Ok, some new advice: ENJOY TARGET you will miss it so much when you move to EU someday! (and barnes and nobles)

Shalyn said...

I really need to get more into thrift shopping- those are some great finds!

Brandon and Jennifer said...

I call Value Village... V2 (V squared.) <3