Thursday, February 17, 2011

apparently I am in the mood to share pictures:

I saw this picture of my little broski and Kenz, and its one of my new favorites.
I really like my little brother. Probably one of the sweetest guys I know. Lily drew him pictures for valentines day and he has them proudly hanging on his dorm room wall.

Also, we share the exact same sense of humor.
Example, he texted me this picture because he knew that I would pee my pants laughing:


Haley said...

aw, Mackenzie is a sweetheart :) And you brother seems like a stud. love the science book, that'll make you want to open the book real fast so you don't have that guy starring into your soul. bahaha

Diana Smith said...

That science book is hilarious!! Its fun having a great relationship with little brothers, my little brother is leaving on his mission in 6 days and I just don't want to think about it, makes me so sad!

Jeremy Saunders said...

we love scott! And kenzie too! Summer sure misses them! I wish I were there soaking up the 70 degree weather with you. It was a balmy 37 today and slushed/snowed as I was driving to work...