Saturday, February 26, 2011


I feel like I am sitting down for the first time all day today.
It was kind of packed: drive two hours-temple visit-zoo-drive more-Costco-Target-clean-clean-clean-cook-bedtime routine-kettle corn-bedtime routine-dishes-sit in bed with my lap top.

I enjoyed it though. Hard to beat being in the sun and palm trees right?
Oh and Chad just walked up the stairs with a pint of ice cream+two spoons.
Gotta go.

pssst!-sorry for the lack of 'real' pictures, experiencing technical difficulties with the camera as of late.

About temples HERE. Sweet video about one just finished in Kyiv Ukraine HERE.


Janice said...

you've been busy!

Unknown said...

I loved the video you shared. Thank you for sharing it. It was beautiful :)

Haley said...

Your busy Saturday sounded like a stellar Saturday. The temple & zoo [and costco & target] all in one day! love it :)