Tuesday, April 19, 2011

typical tuesday: Kate Cowley

Hola.  A while back I was clicking on some of my 'followers' and Kate was one of them, and I loved her blog. She lives in NYC, she takes simple and pretty pictures of things she likes in her surroundings. I emailed her and kinda, sorta, begged her to share with us a typical tuesday. Lucky us, she said yes:)

Hello, fellow admirers of Rachel's fabulous blog! Isn't she the greatest??
When Rachel asked me to do a Typical Tuesday post, I asked her if she was sure she wanted me to...I spend 12 hours every Tuesday either commuting or sitting silently at my desk at work.
She assured me that's what the "typical" part is all about, so here we go...
I will try to make this as exciting as possible.
(Please forgive the scrolling nightmare this may become, but I am going to show you my Tuesday in photos. That's the real interesting part of most blogs anyway, right??)
We begin earrrly in the morning on New York City's Upper West Side...
After repeatedly hitting snooze for over an hour I finally leave my apt just after 5am
My sweet husband, Jed rolls out of bed to walk me to the subway station since it's still dark Forgive his angry expression. Jed is not himself at 5am and usually can't remember anything about these early morning walks.
We say our goodbyes and I head to the Downtown subway platform
I wait for a couple minutes in the dark for the train

The subway is pretty empty at this early hour

I doze between stops until I arrive at Columbus Circle
and say goodbye to the train as I embark on my half mile walk across town
I pass by the tall monument at Columbus Circle
I look down deserted Broadway toward the glowing Times Square
and admire these pretty doors as I walk past
I snap a shot of the New York Athletic Club's historic seal
And peek into this pretty, empty bar

My walk is sprinkled with fancy, old school hotels
and tasty NYC restaurants
I always get a little excited as I approach The Plaza Hotel
Such lovely lamp posts and checkered sidewalk

Red carpet for entering guests and residents

and such a bright main entrance across the street from my office
And now, here I am, at my office building

I pause to appreciate the pretty fountain and Apple store entrance out front
Then I head through security
to the elevator bank
and finally arrive at my office gym for a quick workout before work

Tuesday is my plyometric day followed by a run on the treadmill
Do you see the Chrysler Building and the Empire State Building out the window??
The sun rises during my run, so I get to watch the city come to life below

After my workout I get ready in the bathroom at work
and arrive at my desk (ideally) by 7:45am - ready for my day as an executive assistant to my hedge fund's CEO
I'm ridiculously spoiled and have my meals provided by my work - starting today with a veggie egg white omelet for breakfast
followed a couple hours later by a Milky-Way hot chocolate...so wish I had not discovered this temptation on our coffee machine!
And before I know it, it's lunchtime! I try a wrap from a new middle-eastern restaurant...pretty good.
I take a short break to go admire our nice view of Central Park and the Upper East Side
A few hours later I take yet another quick break to visit these evil cupboards of temptation in the kitchen
At 6pm, my workday is done and I head out the door
to this majestic view of the Plaza
Again, I admire the Plaza's lovely lamp posts

and I turn back to take in this view of 5th Avenue
I get my daily ride-offer from the bike taxis (no thanks!)
and walk past the yummy smelling (slash questionable) street-meat carts
Again I say hello to the New York Athletic Club seal
I wince as I watch the poor carriage horses maneuver NYC traffic
And arrive back at Columbus Circle to jump on an uptown train
I get off at Cathedral Parkway to meet up with some friends
at our official Baby Shower Planning Committee Headquarters
Cassidy and I compare hedge fund work stories
Amanda, Melissa, Breanne, Little Kenna, and Cassidy brainstorm fabulous shower ideas for our good friend Melanie

After the planning mtg is done I walk farther uptown to Broadway & 116th

And enter Columbia University's campus
I take a couple shots of the pretty libraries, though it's too dark at this hour to get a good one
And then I head to the film school to meet up with Jed
He shows me the progress he's made on editing his latest short film When we're done we walk a couple blocks to where our Vespa is parked, and Jed fires it up
I jump on the back and we zip home in just minutes
Jose, our favorite doorman is there to welcome us home
After getting in the door I immediately get my workout clothes ready for tomorrow (or else the workout just won't happen)
I pack up my gym bag with tomorrow's boots, makeup, etc.
And set everything out for the next early morning
Clothes hanging by the door, all ready to go
Jed and I relax a little by watching the special features of The Life Aquatic
And after scriptures and prayer, it's 10pm and time for bed!

Thanks for letting me share my Tuesday with you!
And Rachel, thanks for creating such a fabulous, honest, from-the-heart blog!
Happy Tuesday!

Um, boring? Are you kidding me?
Check out Kate's blog HERE.

Wanna share a typical tuesday with us?
Just email me k?


Laura Elizabeth Fredlund said...

hah! not boring at all :) I had funr reading that. I love the beautiful views, and that she gets to watch the sun rise over NYC, and that her food is provided by her work :) Thanks for sharing!

Diana Smith said...

I love reading these, so keep doing them! I might do one for me....its just I remember to do it halfway through the day so I have missed part of our routine, but I will try!!

Carly said...

I am a little jealous haha :) these are so fun :)

kelsey Navasard said...

K, Rach I am so tired that I didn't even figure out that Kate is one of my friends from college until like half way through the post. :) Small world.

Love your Tuesday posts.

Jeff and Andrea Ashmore Family said...

This is great. It's funny how someone else's typical can be your extraordinary!
Like riding the subway and working- out overlooking the city and watching the sunrise and having a delicious lunch made for me all sounds really fantastic!

will and tiff said...

okay that was AWESOME. i have never been to new york, and i feel like i had a little taste of that lovliness. thank you for a tremendous tuesday post. :>

Emma said...

boring, I think not! That was cool with all the pics. And that snack/goodie stash...I'm jealous!