Tuesday, April 12, 2011

typical tuesday: my second cousin, Holly!

Ahoy! Right now, I am probably on a airplane somewhere over the US of A going to see the fam in UT. So today we have my cousin Holly sharing her  typical tuesday with us. Holly is awesome. We have managed to keep in touch over the years,  and I consider her pretty rad. She is a registered dietitian, mother of two, wife to a med student, an excellent dancer, and really funny. Here we go!

- Mark is out of the house before anyone else wakes up
- I hear the kids around 7:30. I'm still in bed!
- Maren is cooing "mamamama." Noah runs into my room and jumps on my head until I wake up
- Breakfast=oatmeal squares+raisins+orange juice with a straw+a gummy bear vitamin.
- Maren patiently waits in her crib until I come get her

- Noah has mommy preschool Tuesdays and Thursdays.
- We walk across the street to Evelyn's house where I borrow the van and drive the kids to school. Today is an easy day though, preschool is at Evelyn's house.
- Noah wears his coat backwards.

- While Noah's at school, I do chores and other random things that I can't do when he's around.
- Laundry=typical
- Maren plays in the sun room until nap time=typical
- I make a batch of Monteray Jack=random

- Noah comes home for lunch
- Noah plays for awhile before quiet time. He rarely wears pants after lunch. ???
- Noah and Maren play/fight (notice Maren's necessary change of clothes)

- Quiet time/nap time=date with Chuck on Hulu+laundry folding party

- Drain the whey from the cheese
- Teach a couple piano lessons
- Noah goes to a friend's house and then to dance class

- Mark comes home! Time to play!
- Noah comes home. Time to eat! (leftovers of course)
- Then I ditch the fam and go to zumba class
- I return home to a quiet house. *sigh*

Thanks Holly, you da bomb.
Wanna share a tuesday with us all? Email me k?

ps-not bringing my camera to UT, so please prepare for lots of iphone pictures....


k said...

It sounds like a cozy day :)

Joe and Alice Waarvik said...

PLEASE share the cheese recipe with us! I have always wanted to make cheese and that looks sooo gooood!

Holly said...

I have a lemon cheese recipe as well as the process for the monty jack here:


I would recommend trying a soft cheese first so that you get use to the process. The monterey jack cheese has to be aged and you need a lot of special things that you have to order online (you can't buy it at the store). This batch that I made from this post turned out AWFUL! It tasted like vomit. But I'm pretty sure the second batch I made will be much better because I let it dry longer.
Anyway, the lemon cheese is great--I make it all of the time and you can eat it the same day you make it (rather than wait 6 weeks for the Monty Jack just to have it taste like vomit!) :)