Wednesday, May 25, 2011

4 small cones please.

Um it's hot here. Like, almost 100 out.
This heat calls for some ice cream, dontcha think?

I LOVE the Dairy Queens here. 100% outside, old school.
And you must know, one of the perks of being a parent is being the drip catcher of your kid's cones.
And you also must know that Eden ate ALL of her cone, top to bottom. That's my girl!
And you also, also must know that I am excited to order 5 cones. I think this kid will order chocolate, because they made me today...he/she also makes me think about it alllll the time.


Haley K said...

5 cones! rock on :)

and old school DQ's that serve you while you're outside make me smile :) we had one in Vancouver...

Krystal said...

i miss DQ soooooo much!!! my great grandpa always used to get us dilly bars :)