Thursday, May 12, 2011

birthday party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last night at bed time Lily asked for me to "come cuddle wit me".
Usually just I lay next to her in her toddler bed and snuggle her for a few minutes and then kiss her good night.
But last night she didnt have an off button. She actually reminded me of a competition we would do in my 3rd year spanish class back at SQHS. You would just talk and talk and talk, you didnt have to care if your grammar was perfect you were just going for longetivity and diversity of subjects, and the teacher would time you how long you could talk. (not to brag but I totally got 2nd longest talker, no big deal). Well, Lils did that last night but in her english, she told me stories and included every single animal she could think of, about time-outs, about cleaning up, bout going to GA, about aunts and uncles....seriously it was hilarious and for about ten minutes until Chad switched me. One subject she couldn't drop was: "BIRTHDAY PARITES!!!!!!". She told me that tomorrow (today) we are going to have a birthday party with hats and cake and candles.
So we did.
Chad was able to come home for lunch, we had stir fry. Obviously loved by all...we scarfed it all gone.
My birthday princess!
We then sang "happy birthday" to Lily and Eden with pink (Lily: "cause thats MYYYYYYY favorite color") and green frosting on some brownies (Lily: "cause thats daddy's faaaavorite color in da world.") and then blew out candles.
Our party policy- Accessories: mandatory. Pants: optional.
...Forks and spoons also optional.

Happy birthday to you!


Janice said...

you are such a good mom!

will and tiff said...

that is so dang fun. you are the FUNNEST mom i ever did see. :> what lucky little girlies...

Southern Belle said...

So funny because when we were trying to get Cheyenne to poo in the potty, she kept saying she wanted a birthday cake, so when she did, we made her a birthday cake and she blew out the candles! The girls must have discussed birthdays while you were here:) haha...