Thursday, May 19, 2011

TP focus

The past few months I feel like I have been in a haze of hormones (see below post for proof). It's really hard to not think about yourself all the time when you don't feel good, or are super tired, or all of a sudden your messy house makes you sob like a disturbed little child. And I get annoyed with myself when I am thinking about myself all the time. Do I sound crazy? Well, I might be.
But as of late, I think, (I hope) I am slowly coming out of that haze. I can now focus a little better on what/who I like to focus on. My husband and my girls. I've missed them, and I've missed the normal me too.

Also, I highly recommend playing with TP rolls more often.
...speaking of TP rolls, check out a cool project  that Jane did with some. So rad.


Joe and Alice Waarvik said...

Holy smokes thanks! I've been saving these things for no good reason, convincing myself there was something good to do with them... now I know what to do! YAY!

Megan Marie said...

love the picture. :)