Friday, May 27, 2011


Last night we night had a tornado warning for our area.
Definition of tornado warning: Issued when a tornado is imminent or occurring. This includes when a tornadois indicated by Doppler radar or sighted by spotters. Action: Seek safe shelter immediately. {via}
So while our babes were sleeping Chad and I watched the storm roll in from the east. Pretty erie feeling, never been part of a tornado anything. We gathered a bunch of stuff into our down stairs bathroom, and were texting with our neighbor who invited us into their basement if it really got serious.
Lucky for us, the storm passed north of us, and all we got what some mild thunder and lightening and rain.

My heart goes out to those whose worlds have been rocked by the current tornados, so scary and there is nothing you can do to stop it. Hope this was the last of them.


Carly said...

very scary rach! i have been wondering if you guys were safe down there or not!

Haley said...

goodness I'm glad you guys are safe!! definitely must have been erie... prayers that theres no more storms for you guys! and prayers for those who are suffering from all natural disasters around the world...breaks my heart:(

Janice said...

glad it went elsewhere and you just had a fun cozy time in your bathroom;)