Tuesday, May 17, 2011

typical tuesday: Kaila Housley

Hey ya'll. Today Kaila is sharing a typical tuesday with us. She is adorable with great style. Her and I both love bald men:), she is a stay at home mom of a little dude named Roman (so cute) and I like that a lot of her blog posts involve a little bit of food so I love her. I mean, really, who wouldn't? Take it away Kaila!

welcome, welcome, to my typical tuesday. do you mind if i don't use capital letters, they make me feel formal and i am not formal around friends, we're friends right?

i usually start off the day being woken up by the most adorable 16-month-old attacking my head. usually it's fun, but as you can see below, it can be a little scary.
that's his rasslen' face! (wrestling , to you non-utahans).
roman looks at my mini book of mormon while i sleep for a few more minutes.

today i scramble him an egg, while i have oatmeal with brown sugar
and 'nanas (hopefully you speak baby).

today we are going antique-ing with my auntie, mom, and sister.
roman and his cousin hudson play in their strollers while we scour the deals.
plus they flirt a little with auntie carole.

after the babies/moms are at their end we head over to have some
yummy paninis and fresh salads for lunch.
when we get home roman naps while i clean up the house. we just got back from a vacation and it looks as though our apartment exploded, then puked on itself. although our kitchen chairs always look like that to prevent roman from performing his evil knievel tricks!
after cleaning i usually down a diet coke and blog or read.

after his nap roman is so happy...

but then he goes through mood swings for about 20 minutes. we wait for dad to get home, and when he does we paparazzi him with photos and hugs.

i LOVE when mike gets home; it's the best part of the day!
roman and mike head out for a round of golf while i heat up a luxurious dinner of leftover honey-lime enchiladas.

we hurry and put roman to bed because our neighbors are coming over to watch biggest loser with us (which is really just watching fat people running for two hours, but don't knock it 'til you try it). they hate alison sweeney's commentary just as much as us.

we don't take any more pictures, cause were in our cozies and it's bedtime!
thanks for sharing in our typical tuesday...i hope it wasn't a snooze-fest for you!

Thanks Kaila!
 Check out her cute blog HERE.
Wanna share a typical tuesday with us? Just email me k?


Krystal said...

i just love this series...always fun to see what other people are up to!

Jeremy and Natalie said...

I'm the neighbor in the picture at the bottom of the post and I PROMISE my husband is not that hideous!

Merrick said...

I love Kaila, and I am dying over Natalie's comment. Such a fun blogging idea!

Diana Smith said...

Her little boy is sooo cute! What a fun little feature, I love reading these

will and tiff said...

well isn't she just super cute and fun! love the picture of his mood swings after nap...hilarious! darling post :>