Thursday, June 9, 2011

the day we became official bad parents.

First, we took our girls to McDonalds, for their first time. 
They got happy meals.
Consider their minds blown (please note Eden's face).
AND I drank a caffeinated beverage, and I am gestating (sorry baby June).
 Then, we came home, and mid thunderstorm we went for a walk. And got soaked. And hung them upside down. And let them wear knee high red socks with green shoes.
Then when we came home, we watched movies, and ate a whole pan of coffee cake. And now Chad and I are working on his lemon pudding cake he just made.

Chalk it up for us.


Southern Belle said...

I LOVE Eden's face, that is so hilarious! Like I want to blow it up and use it as the background of my computer... it really makes me laugh, so cute!

Rachelle said...

hi! i'm britt's friend, and jessica's, and any other person we may both know. :)

this post made me laugh out loud. i think it was eden's face and the mcdonald's food, and the title.

i loved it.

Celeste said...

I would also like to claim Rachelle as my friend. Cuz she's rad.

just the fact that that was the girls' first trip to mcdonalds makes you parents of the year in my book. and the sock/shoe combo. and the walk in the rain.

and I want some coffee cake. bad.

Erin said...

oh this post made me just belly laugh out loud in front of everyone here at work. Eden's face is a classic, i think her fistful of chips adds to it...ah, so funny!!! xx