Friday, June 3, 2011


We have a gardenia bush over flowing with its scented glory right in our back yard.
I love it, the smell is amazing, and the little flowers are so pretty.
I took a picture with my phone and couldn't decide what process I liked best... I did them all. (The first one is the original)
This morning was dreamy.
It was a cool out (only 80!), Chad and I chatted and watched the girls play, we ate cherrios, some friends came over for a little visit, we found a caterpillar!...that Eden loved a little too much...RIP caterpillar, then lunch, now naps.
I love days like this.


Megan Marie said...

awe, poor little caterpillar. the other day the boys took an earth worm for a jump on our trampoline.

soooo glad your days are filled with such loveliness!

Laura said...

I have never smelled real gardenias, but I love the Bath & body Works version... its my favorite! I bet the real thing smells heavenly!

Brooke said...

Gardenias are heavenly. Gotta love the South! Oh, also congrats on Girl #3. I'm jealous of all your little girls!