Saturday, July 16, 2011

home on saturday morning

After some breakfast, us 3.5 ladies went outside to wait for daddy to come home from his running group. (have I mentioned that I already love where I live?...cause I really do)
We caught bugs, screamed when cars drove by, and drew lots of pictures.
After a while, we came back in, ate some berries, and Eden snuck a piece of bread:
Then we danced. And by dancing, I mean twirling.
I love being home.


Celeste said...

Rach. Lets talk about how fricken cute your new house is. Holy cow, those floors & fireplace & built-ins. Lovelovelove!! Could you please give a little tour soon?
Love your guts.

debsfreckles said...

I am so happy that you have found a home that you love. I have been hoping good things for you and yours and I am so glad you found a cute home it a cute place that you love. It always works out, right?