Sunday, July 10, 2011


We are officially moved in!
The house still smells like an old house (cause it is an old house),
we had to clean before we could even move in...rather annoyed/grossed out,
we're mostly unpacked, 
just have a bunch of odds and ends to finish up.

It is so good to be "home".
And its so good to have a porch swing with bowl of blueberries and strawberries.


Rachelle said...

woo-hoo! congrats on the job! and the house! it's all gonna work out just fine. :)

amber malmberg said...

Congrats Rachel! Sorry to hear about the filth you had to come home to. But on the other hand, we all end up cleaning before we move in anyways. Instead of bleaching everything, it sounds like you had to seriously clean. Argggggggg!
P.S. I LOVE the little porch swing!

Megan Marie said...

you guys always seem to get the gems that need a lot of cleaning! so glad you're settled!

Holly said...

Yipppppeeee!!! So exciting and answered prayers!!

Brandon and Jennifer said...

Your girls are darling... in case you didn't know.... :o)