Thursday, July 14, 2011


tonight's menu:
  • homemade whole wheat pizza
  • w/ lots of veggies (and don't forget your goat cheese and/ or feta!)
  • (the best part:) homemade tomato sauce

You must make it.
It's healthy, super simple, and very easy to make. 
And its wicked, I like to sneak spoonfuls.

In sauce pan, or large frying pan, 
pour some olive oil (about 2 tbsp), 
add a couple cloves of garlic (...we added more, we are gar-la-holics)
sprinkle about 1.5 tsp of basil, oregano, and rosemary

stir that around on medium-ish heat until the garlic is golden, and your kitchen smells amazing.

Once that's done, dump a whole big can of crushed tomatoes.
add about 2 tsp sugar
and salt and pepper to taste

Stir it around and let it simmer a little bit and then, smear it all over pizza. Then eat it like soup. Then take a bath in it.

And your are welcome.
(Recipe compliments of our dear friend Todd)