Tuesday, July 26, 2011

typical tuesday: Sarah Livesay

So a few weeks ago, my new e-friend, Sarah, emailed me.
Sarah lives in Norway. On a little farm complete with ponies! She is a stay-at-home-mom which, in Norway is totally unfamiliar. She is the only one in her whole village, really. She was born in the States but has lived in Norway most of her life, married a Norweigien and now has two beautiful little Norsk babies:).  She teaches art at some private schools part time, they live very much off of their farm, and their house is 150 year old. I told her her life sounded so dreamy. Some day hopefully I can go visit her, play in the snow, maybe learn how to salt my own cod and get in touch with my Nordic roots (my maiden name is Knutson) :)  
I love the internet and how it connects so many of us, yay for blogs!

Hi! My name is Sarah and I am a stay at home mom in Norway. Rachel, thank you so much for letting me share my day on your ever inspiring blog! Typical Tuesday has taught me so much about being a mom! Well, I have lots of pictures, so better get started! Today my Tuesday was not typical at all. My husband is on vacation and we are enjoying every second of having him home for four weeks!!! This is the last of his four weeks, so we are kinda going in for the grand finale, so to speak. So, Lilly wakes me up about 7ish now that the man has been home. We take turns getting up with the kids. It's my day. Lilly is going though a clothes thing and well... I try... That is her head in the corner not liking any of my suggestions.
Hazel wakes up as soon as she hears us stirring. Our house is over 150 years old, and the walls and floors are "alive". They move with the seasons. In the summer we can't shut our bedroom door.
Hazel is kinda clingy in the morning, she sticks close to me up until she hears the word breakfast.
Lilly is decent, lets see how long this outfit lasts. Hair? Let me know if anyone has any tips on that...
The girls eat Cheerios for their first meal. Hazel is liking the milk.
After breakfast I run out to check/feed animals. In the winter it is not light out until 10 but we only have 2 hours of dusk during the summer and if it is not pouring rain the animals are out by 8. I make a head count on chickens and bunnies and check the horses. We only have one pony now, but she is at pasture with the neighbors horses over the lane.
Hazel came with me this morning, but she is normally in her PJs. She was dressed today! Not typical. My man made it out too, we are inspecting the round pen that our friends are making us.
I always check my garden, but it is so sad this year I could cry. We have had so much rain that everything is just going sour...
Back in for breakfast. Cream cheese scrambled eggs and bacon and toast. We get all our eggs from the chickens! That back pot is our dinner. Salted cod. I had it in water overnight.
Ok, we are working on our plan for the day...
What you say? Andreas wanted to go to town! Typically we don't go to town. Its a 45 min drive and well, who wants to go shopping after the kids are in a car for 45 mins?! But the weather has been so crummy we took the kids to an indoor park.

They loved it.
Then we went to the mall... We never go to the mall... Andreas has had a gift card in his drawer forever, so we used it.
Toilet paper was also on sale.
Here I am after our town extravaganza. Gonna change, this outfit is not gonna fly at the homestead...
Poof! There we are, my denim uniform. Now Hazel is down for her nap and I get to take Lilly out for a pony ride on the mountain all by our lonesome. She is enjoying the one on one now that dad is home!

We had a great ride! We pass these cool hay stacks on our way home. The neighbors dry their hay like this so it doesn't go bad in the rain. Hazel was still napping when we got back from our ride (sorry, did not take camera on mountain...) so I put dinner together. Once Hazel got up we drove to get our sheep who have been grazing at the neighbors.
Happy fat pony!
But first we had to borrow a trailer.

We just pretend to be farmers and have to borrow lots of stuff. It gives us a good excuse to visit these fine people though. Harald is Hazels best buddy and I normally take care of him Tuesdays and Thursdays. But you know, not a typical Tuesday.
Girls find makeshift sandbox while we load sheep.

We are home! Lilly is giving a pep talk before unloading.
Good work! Dinner time! Baccalau or salted cod stew with potatoes and onion in a tomato broth. Its good. Just take my word for it. Cherries.
Bingo wants dinner too...
Most days my kids are in bed at 7. We are pushing 8:30 today. But they had to have a shower and tick check... lots of ticks here. Yea, I know, but we pull off so many its just not gross anymore...
Sheep are glad to be back to the old salt lick! Yes, she is rather funny looking, but I just sheered her last week. A friend taught me! So fun!
Kids and animals are watered and fed and we are enjoying a cup of tea in the evening sun!
Um, dreamy right? Thank you so much Sarah!
Check out Sarah's blog HERE.

Wanna share a typical tuesday with us? Just send me an email, k?

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