Wednesday, August 3, 2011

me, real, right now.

A lot of the times I feel guilty for having a hard day.
Like right now.
There are so many people that would laugh at why I am bummed today:

  • I am growing, the baby is growing, and it hurts. And I am getting more squishy, look at that face, in this picture, you can tell. The whole package only gets babies are over 9 lbs.
  • my girls have energy enough to solve the energy crisis our world is apparently in. I can't keep up all day. If I could just figure out how to channel it, I would be rich, I tell you.
  • It's so freaking hot, like 107+ today. Meaning, we're inside. All day. We Meynders don't like to be inside.
  • I am crazy tired.
  • I want a break. I want to go on vacation somewhere cold, alone (...well, Chad included), and sleep and read and eat crunchy-chewy-spicey-sweet food. Or at least go on a date, key being no kids, for a long period of time.
  • The darned nesting has begun. For me this translates for feeling constantly behind in my mental check list I have of stuff I want/must get done before baby June arrives.
I guess what I am saying is, I'm lame. I have basically a dreamy life right now. But I find lame things to complain about and get frustrated about. Then I feel like the biggest brat, because I know people going through so much hard stuff right now, that they would love to have my "problems".  I'm not looking for compliments or anything. I'm just documenting for documenting sake. Doesnt helpt that its in that horrid time of day (3-5 pm) where time moves soooo sloowwwww. Blerg.


Becca said...

I have those days too. Thanks for the reminder to be better. We are having heat like you are as well and it is horrid. It is too dangerous to be out for long periods of time.

Celeste said...

um if there were a prize for "realest & loveablest blog persona" you would for sure get it. the best thing though is that it's not just a blog persona. you are awesome in real life. love your guts baby. that little Junebug will be worth all this (temporary) garbage.

Southern Belle said...

So me too!! I had my first day of Jeff being gone til 9 and he had been home all summer and I was feeling so sorry for myself, when he was the one out in the heat all day long! Then we watched some movie where these people escape from a concentration camp and have to survive in the wilderness, and also saints and soldiers where a man dies in war leaving his pregnant wife a widow and all I could think when I was watching them was that I was such a spoiled brat!! But, there has to be opposition in all things right? So no matter how amazingly perfect our life is, we have to feel like that sometimes so we can truly appreciate the times when things are amazingly perfect... that was a novel, but I was feeling the same way as you this week, so I can relate... oh and 3-5 pm is totally the worst/slowest time of the day, I agree!!!

Lindsay said...

Uh, what are you talking about? Rach-- you look beautiful! Heat= Lame. Sorry about that. I can't complain here in B-ham, but you are fun and pretty and doing the hardest jobs-- mom & really pregnant.

Stay Hot! It suits you!

HandsomeRob said...

Been there, I think I'm there right now (except for the pregnancy/hot weather)! I know how you feel and it will get better but you do need to go on that call a sitter! I HATE that time of day too.
You look so cute though, I love that picture!

Laura Elizabeth Fredlund said...

Sheesh, I have those days more often than not. I know where you're coming from. btw, you're one beautiful pregnant woman! :) 9+lb babies are tough. My first was 9.7 and it was a killer delivery. and June is an adorable name

Megan Marie said...

are we twins?

Janice said...

you're beautiful and you're human. One day at a time, and allow yourself the same courtesy you give to others. Relax and breath. you're doing great!

Jessica Kettle said...

dude. it's allowed. you can have a bad day because being a mom is hard, just because other people have "bigger" problems doesn't mean the small ones aren't hard too!
p.s. i would like to borrow your skirt and lipstick please.