Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Today is a good day.
Had my doc appointment (33+ weeks baby!) and I asked if he could maybe take a leeeeetttttlllee peek and make sure this baby is still a girl (they were not 100% sure last time).
He said he was horrible at the whole telling gender thing, but he would just tell the ultrasound tech that I'm measuring a little small (umm, have you seen me?! Not true.) and they'll check it out:) So I get so see this little one in a few days again. I'm excited, I'm all for surprises, but it's got to be all or nothing, you know or in-betweensies.
Also, I am oozing with nesting goodness. So many projects to get of them may include: ripping up the nasty carpet and finishing the hardwood floor thats underneath in the bedrooms (well, that will be Chad's and our landlord's project, not mine), making all new bedding for the three wee ones, and for Chad and I, making Lily and Eden new beds, maybe whip out some of my old paints and paint some art?, re-doing our dining room chairs, organizing every nook and cranny of this old house, oh and baking of course.
I've already started some...note face getting rounder? That's the pumpkin bread. The oil based paint on my hands? (that stuff is such a mitch to get off) Sorry baby if you never pass 1st grade, it was the paint fumes, mommy was nesting.


Erin_C said...

thats so fun. i wish i could skip forward to that stage. pukey stage isn't as much fun :) my doc did the same thing for me when i was nervous carly wasn't a girl and she already had a closet full of dresses. its strange because you can hardly see them when they are that squished! have fun seeing your little girl ( . . . or boy :).

debsfreckles said...

I just posted about what I want to do for my kids bedding. Easy and awesome (or at least it seems to me).
see here.
Good luck on nesting and getting a solid answer on the gender.

Celeste said...

Raaaachel! You look gorgeous!!! Pregnancy is beauteous on you. F'real. I'm so excited for you & your birth & your baby.

Southern Belle said...

Yes you look fabulous!! I am curious to see what they say at this ultrasound:)

Megan Marie said...

love that nesting energy! it's saving me!

ps you are amazing and i love you.

Traci said...

You look beautiful!