Wednesday, October 26, 2011

change is in the air

The past little while, I have noticed a slow change in Lily's behavior.
She's a little more emotional, sensitive and quick to get frustrated.
Change is coming, and she can tell.
{Edens chubby finger painted pumpkin}

She came home from school today, with a report of her not listening, the teacher was shocked cause she honestly is one of the most obedient kids in the class (not just saying that, teacher tells me!). We both agreed that we think its because she knows the baby is getting closer to being here, and it's a big change. 

So we came home, put on some nice fun/calm music and painted a million mini pumpkins. 
I talked to my step-mom and asked for advice with helping the girls adjust to another sissy. Involvement is key, talking about our feelings about the new baby...well, more like Lily...Eden just likes to talk about chickens and puppies and apples. And first thing I do when I wake up: Pray to know the needs of my girls. It really is amazing how little answers come through out the day with that prayer in your heart.  I am just a kid myself, and I need all the help from my Heavenly Parent  that I can get with raising His beautiful daughters.

I think tomorrow we will paint pictures for the baby and hang them above her sweet little crib.

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Brandon and Jennifer said...

I was just thinking this about Colston. I know he's still young... (18 months) But I honestly believe he knows there is going to be a big change just in the way his attitude has changed. Especially towards me...