Thursday, November 10, 2011


Today, the girls went to the library with Nana, and I went for a long walk by myself.
Roald Dahl's father, took his wife (Rhald's mother) beautiful places while pregnant, because he felt that it would help the baby's creativity. How sweet is that?

So today I walked on my favorite beautiful trail, listened to beautiful music and tried to think about beautiful things. To help coax this baby girl to come join us, the world is a beautiful place, and we are ready for her to make it even better. 

And if one more person calls, texts, emails, or facebooks me asking if I've had the baby, or if anything is new, I may slap them. Correction: I will go crazy on you. You don't ask an overdue pregnant girl questions like that. When I have the baby you will know. The end.


Diana Smith said...

I hate it when people would ask me if I have had the baby! I am 36 weeks today and people are starting to ask...getting kinda silly! I hope you deliver soon!! I know how frustrating that is!!

Louplus2 said...


I hate it too. My mother would call every day to find out if I'd had him!!

I went 8 days over with my second son, didn't feel like he was coming anytime soon, ended up having reflexology (which I'd heard good things about) went into labor the next day. Fingers crossed for you.

Brittany said...

I know girl, I know. Good luck

Tyler Haas said...

Dude Rach, you should probably have your baby already.