Monday, November 7, 2011


If you are checking in to see if I had a baby over the weekend...sure didnt'!
I'm not counting on her coming before her due date (...which is tomorrow). In fact I have a feeling it will be after her due date, just like my second born was. So I'm being patient, I try and keep complaining to a minimum and I still laugh when I see myself in the mirror.

Today is rainy. I love it. Just like the mother land (Bellingham, WA).
Chad and Lily rode their bikes to school today, we tried to persuade her that I can drive cause it was so rainy...but she just looked at us like: ", your point?".
She has that soggy Washington/Canadian blood in her I guess.

Speaking of, in a few hours one of our favorite full-blooded Canadians (first favorite=Chad), Chad's mom is going to be here! We are so excited. We have not seen any of Chad's family in 17 months...that's a long time, especially considering Eden is 24 months old.

So now onto procrastinating getting ready and cleaning my I can make homemade pumpkin donuts! Gracias for the recipe tip, Tif! So excited for my house to smell like heaven.

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Tif said...

Have fun with Lisette! I don't know why I'm even telling you to do that. It's pretty much unavoidable. Lisette=fun no matter what!

Fair warning-the pumpkin donuts turned out more like pumpkin cookies. Delicious, but definitely NOT your typical donuts. Maybe if I had a "donut pan" which I've never seen but have heard of. And if you have any egg nog, use it to make your cinnamon glaze. It's ah-mazing!