Monday, November 21, 2011

two pictures from my phone, during one of our many nap times:

This little one has days/nights rather mixed up.
Last night, I was definitely awake more than I was asleep.
But, I decided to not worry about it so much this time around.
I have help (Chad is the man.) and I have time, and I should just calm down and enjoy the time I get to snuggle and nurse this little one (which...wowza milk is in.)
 People ask me who I think Maggie looks like, and right now, as in today, she looks like Lily to me:
Check out these new born pictures my cousin did of Lily almost 4 years ago (???!!).

And yes, I am so excited to share our birth story, once I get pictures back from the photographer, I will most definitely share. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made, having my sweet Maggie at home.


Jessica Kettle said...

oh my gosh. totally lil!

loveswedding said...

Oh! The baby is so lovely !I've seen the most lovely!I will also want to have such a lovely child, I would like to continue to focus on your blog!

Louplus2 said...

Can't wait to hear the story. She's adorable.

Jason and Crystal said...

yay for home births (i had my last at home,too!) she's absolutely edible! congratulations!

Tori Baldridge said...

She is adorable! Congrats on your newest bundle of joy:)