Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I often am being asked: "how are you doing, going crazy yet?"
Meaning, adjusting to three can be insane.
And my answer?: It's going great!
I used to think it's because I have learned from my first two babies to have very low expectations, in everything, for the first couple months of post partumdum.
But after talking to my friend yesterday (ps-thank you friend for letting me invite myself over and wear my slippers and stretch pants a 3 PM) I have changed my wording. I don't have low expectations, I have realistic expectations. Meaning:
  • I do shower daily, but it just might not be until mid evening that it's done.
  • The house, does not need to be constantly picked up.
  • Laundry will pile up.
  • The girls will wear their dress-ups in public daily. And when we are home, they probably will be undie/diaper only type of girls.
  • We will watch a LOT of Dora, Swan Princess and Angelina Ballerina (WARNING: too much Angelina will cause you to contemplate suicide, that theme song is lethal).
  • Dinner won't be made for Chad when he gets home.
  • My clothes wont fit for a while.

I've also have learned to accept help, and to ask for it. I ask to get out of the house and go to friend's places.  I ask Chad to do a lot (thanks, love!). People ask to help around the house, or to take my girls, the answer: YES!

So, if you are wondering, how I am doing? I am doing great. I am extremely happy with my current state of life, actually. My house is a mess (as pictured above), Eden is almost naked (as pictured above), and laundry is piling up. BUT I am not stressed, I am getting rest, my girls are happy, Maggie is my dream baby and Chad is doing great...probably because he doesn't have to deal with a stressed out wife. 


Erin_C said...

I'm printing this and taping it to my forehead when our twins arrive :) such good things to remember. Especially accepting help, which is something I have a hard time doing. Glad you are doing great and hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas season with that sweet new baby!

Teresa said...

Good for you, Rachel! Realistic expectations make for happy moms/women all over the world. Too bad we can't remember this even if we don't have newborns at home. (Great reminder!) So glad to know that you're doing great!

Celeste said...

This is why you are my hero. Your super power is keepin it real and your priorities in check. Love your guts.

Southern Belle said...

Love this. And my house looks way worse than that and I don't have a new baby. Oh well I guess, right?? :)

Brandon and Jennifer said...

Great post! I am adjusting to having just the TWO and I feel the same. I am glad to know I'm not the only one. And as long as we have clean clothes... who cares if the laundry piles up :)

debsfreckles said...

I love this post. I wish I had adjusted my expectations before my third child. I think nursing would have gone better but as it was i was really stressed and emotional and it wasn't working and I quit:(
I think I need to adjust right now and can I just say I do not take a shower ever day...just saying.