Tuesday, December 13, 2011

blocks+ponies with my oldest

Maggie was asleep, Eden was in the tub, and Lily and I played with some blocks. I taught her how to make them into dominos, and she taught me about ponies.

Now Edens still in the tub with the Barbie Lily wants and is yelling "No!" and so Lily is crying like the world is ending. Maggie is waking up and wants to eat.
 I treasure the calm times. Like the one that existed about five minutes ago that is long, long gone.


Brandon and Jennifer said...

Now having two I have realized those moments last two seconds... but they are great

Andrea said...

Lily looks so grown up! Is it the hair? So cute!

Brooke said...

She looks so grown up and just lovely. Can you believe she'll be 4 soon?