Thursday, January 5, 2012


Today I met up with one of my newest "e-friends".
The funny thing is, mutual "e-friends" matched us up too! Translation= two girls I have never met in real life, set me up to be friends with someone I have never met. What?
 We are all friends on instagram, and figured out we lived near by, and today we got together and had lunch and our girls played with play-dough, and dress ups, and barbies and basically it was awesome.
Isn't technology a funny/awesome thing? 
I mean, who knows if Haley and I would have ever met had it not been for a silly phone app? Who knows, but now we have cool new friends that have girls almost the exact same age as ours. Also she makes quesadillas with goat cheese and they were killer.

I've been able to meet up with other e-friends in the past like Susan, and Caroline (you too Celeste!). Its a pretty cool thing, now I get how people call it a "blog community".

Do you have e-friends? Have you ever met up?


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Traci said...

Me! Me! When I was pregnant with Kaden, I found a group on Babycenter of girls who were also pregnant with their first child and expecting the first week in October '08. We've moved our group of 15 girls over to Facebook and keep in touch daily. At first I felt strange saying "my internet friends" but it's really no difference than when our parents had pen pals. I seriously love these girls so much and feel like I know them personally. Anyways, one girl I feel really close to and it turns out that her family will be visiting Disneyworld the same time we will be there! So we'll be meeting up finally.

Emma said...

Technology is wonderful :).

Hays said...

Seriously so awesome!!! Can't wait to play again!