Sunday, January 15, 2012

some things I've been thinking about,

So some things that I have been thinking about, rather random, and in no order of consequence:

  • We are always told to cherish these times we have as parents when our babies are so small and sweet. I TOTALLY GET IT. But is them growing up so bad? I mean, does it really suck so bad to have a 10, 12, and 14 year old (thats us in 10 years)? I really hope not. I am enjoying my kids today, they are so sweet, and there is something so special about having a newborn in the house. Totally understand that. I just hope when my kids get older, I can cherish my times with them just the same, but differently. And when that day comes, when they are all out of the house, I hope I can cherish that sweet time with just Chad and I...make sense?
  • I never stop wanting. And I don't think I ever will. I want new paint sets, I want a new table, I want 70's bell bottoms, I want I want I want. I catch myself thinking that stupid thought: "once I have ______ I will be set" NOPE. I tend to find things I want often. Don't get me wrong, I don't obsess over this kinda thing, cause thats a recipe for disaster. I just am really aware of this now, being on a very organized budget and what not (but when has my budget ever been big, right?).
  • I love having friends. I love friends that just stop by (shout out to Jill!) and friends I can hang out with in my yoga pants and let our kids run around like crazies together. I love friends who like to 'do lunch'. I love friends who plan girls nights and trips, I love friends who I can ask: "how do you handle your two year old that hits/pushes/yells" and know they wont judge me.  I love friends I can talk about deep stuff and very shallow stuff all in the same convo. I just love having friends. I need them. And I am so grateful I have them. And I hope I can be a good one.
  • When I get a new table, I am painting it yellow. And I will paint at least one chair gold.
  • So my best college friend Joy, she lives like a few miles from me. And now my other best friend from college (we were a trio) is now moving here too. My mind can not wrap around this awesomeness. 
  • Celeste, if you read this, I day dream about our surfing trip.


Holly said...

Ahhh!!! Love these thoughts!

Carly said...

i'm so excited for you & your "trio" :)
and jealous, i have no friends!! hahahahaha :)

as always lovin your bloggy. :)

Celeste said...

Oh I'm reading, girl. Reading and also dreaming. I totally get thought #1 btw. I looove seeing each new phase. I'm.permanently in awe of these new little people unfolding before my very eyes.

A little Birdie... said...

Only 4 more weeks(ish)!!!

Rachelle said...

dear friend, try living in orange county! everyone has something i want. :) but really, i have a list of things i want too, it usually gets longer before shorter. number one priority though is always a house with a yard. not asking for much!

your bell bottoms can be a valentines present.

Brittany said...

Im with you and Rachelle! How do I control a 3 year old who yells, talks back and today kicked me in the head? Girls trips yes! ALso I am painting the top of my table blue. the bottom is white. I want a gold chair. Can I steal that from you? haha