Friday, January 20, 2012

Sorry, pretty girl in the deli section of Walmart

Today I went grocery shopping. 
I passed by a mom who I thought was so beautiful, not wearing make up, in yoga pants+hoodie and she was so happy looking. 
And I kept that thought to myself.
I typically make it point, if I see someone wearing a shirt I like, or cute hair, or they are just pretty to me, I usually tell them....may be awkward a little, but whatever.

Well, I didn't tell this girl she was beautiful. I thought, "...well if we cross paths again, I'll tell her...".
 But we never did. 
Next time, will not wait for the chance we cross paths again. 

Now, here's an awesome picture of Lils:


Teresa said...

I think it's wonderful that you compliment people. I try to do this as well. Who knows but that it may end up being the highlight of their day. There's a young woman at church who, every once in a while, will tell me that she thinks my hair is pretty. I wonder if she knows how much power (to spread joy) she weilds in that one small compliment. I should probably tell her!

Shauna Amondson said...

you are so cute! a good inspiration for me :) I always get too nervous to say anything. But I bet it makes their day whenever you do. you rock. now I'm going to work on it.