Thursday, February 9, 2012


I have cut gluten out of my diet.
I'm on day four and I feel amazing.
Kinda sad about it though, cause gluten is in everything virtuous, lovely and of good report.
I'm craving breads so freaking bad.

But I am ok. I'm eating all sorts of yummy (healthier) stuff:
like, broiling grapefruit?! Do try it, it makes it all soft and almost caramelized, ate this with some turkey bacon this morning and it was the perfect breakfast.

Oh and roasting tomatos. Um. I am officially obsessed. I chopped them into wedges, and tossed them with olive oil, minced garlic, sea salt, pepper, and a little bit of balsamic vinegar. I put them in the oven at 350*f and left them in there for about an hour....I accidentally ate the whole pan (...sorry Chad!). I was planning on making them for a future tomato soup...didn't happen. Hopefully next time I can resist them long enough to make some?


Catherine said...

I have been wanting to do this for a while! Maybe I'll try it out!! It all looks so delicious.

Becca said...

We are doing this, as well, for both our boys. Good luck! It's challenging with kids.

Carly said...

my fave lately is roasted brussels sprouts!! :)

HandsomeRob said...

I should try this too, I am addicted to all things bread like. Those tomatoes look delicious! By the way Cathy told me you were coming for a visit this month...woohoo!

Tif said...

We cut gluten about a month ago and Keira is off all her migraine meds and hasn't had a migraine or puke-fest ever since. Totally worth the sacrifices for those results!