Sunday, February 26, 2012

while I was nursing....

So you do read Cjane's blog?
Well, she does does this thing where she shares pictures of happenings that occur while nursing her baby. I emailed her a couple, and they are now on her blog.

Check it out HERE!

And yes! We are in OUR HOUSE! Our. House. It has 4 beds, two baths, closets, a garage and bathtubs!? We are so in love with this place. Pictures to come soon, don't worry...I just need to take pictures and sit down for longer than five minutes. Now I must go, and take care of my middle child who has the flu. Sad face.


Megan Marie said...

life is so good! yay!!!! can't wait to hear more!

lovin this cjane collection. your shots are so perfect.

Hays said...

Haha. So I tagged a photo of Gigi on Insta and CJane just asked for me to email it to her. Looking forward to see it :)