Thursday, March 29, 2012

my trip "back home" according to my phone

This past Christmas, for my parents, Chad and I bought Maggie and I a plane ticket for us to go see my parents so they could meet Maggie. I was pretty quiet about the whole thing, cause I promised them it was their present and I was at their disposal, but I was able to see a few friends too and it was a great trip. We did lots of just hanging out and eating (my favorite) with no real agenda, rather nice! Here ya go:
 1)My dad. Fun fact: he met Lily AND Maggie for the first time at the Bellingham airport when they were four months old. Also he was always up for holding Mags, and he kinda did a mini can-can when he did.
2)Maggers on one of my flights. Pretty sure I flashed multiple people while feeding this one. Weeeeee!
3)A drawing done by my brother (who is on a two year mission for our church in Guatemala) on the white board in the garage.
 4)my cute peppermint tea from going out to breakfast with Chad's sis+her picture of them though, lame! It was fun, and yummy!
5)skypeing with my girls and Chad. He was super dad and took work off and played mommy while I was away. The girls and he not only survived but he even brushed their teeth every night! I barely do that. I missed them so bad, I only cried once.
6)Maggie and her great-grandma Rands
7)Maggie and her great-grandpa Rands
8)Maggie and my aunt Becky, who for Maggie will be called: NanaBeck. Cause I called her Mombeck when I was a little girl growing up down the street from her
 9)Jess and Janell scoping out the falls we used to jump off of in the summer/when we skipped class when it was sunny out
10) Zach and Caden on the very top of the falls
11) 6 out of 15.5 in our family
 12)my favorite place in da worrrrrrrrlddddd. Mallards. They are basically just like Molly Moons (for those familiar with the one in Freemont/Seattle) I got Lavender, cause its my favorite, but I did try 'ghost chili lime' and it was soooo spicy it burned for a LONG time. Love this place.
13)Lavender icecream.
14)the boardwalk at boulevard park. We took our team pictures on this this thing my senior year playing soccer. We seniors climbed over and sat on the OUTSIDE. Wild, I know.
15)the Lake I grew up on, you can almost see my parents place from this shot.
16)My dad and I had a chocolate chip cookie bake off. Basically tied. But I mostly won.
17)We ONLY have walmart here in Arkie. Not exaggerating. So it was beyond refreshing to get some Trader Joe's lovelies AND go to Haggens.
18)Maggie on the way home. Oh, whats that you ask? Did I have to go in the private room at security and get the full blown gropey pat down? YES I DID THANKS FOR ASKING. Yup, hands all over me, and to say I was pissed off and feeling violated afterward would be an understatement.

So there ya go folks! bunch of random pictures! I wish I would have taken more, I am never good at that though. Next time!


tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

great pictures! i personally love phone images. they are so candid.

Unknown said...

I'm glad I read this because I'm happy to hear you braved the flight with a 4 month old and breastfed her! I am flying to Vegas with my sister Rachel and my 15 month old in 2 wks to visit my bro and my dad...I will be breastfeeding. I hope I only flash a handful of people :)