Tuesday, March 20, 2012

typical tuesday: Teresa Ballentyme

Hey all! Welcome to Teresa's typical tuesday! Teresa is a mom I wish I would have gotten to know better when I lived in OR. But thank goodness for the internet right? Here she is!:

Good morning, readers!  I'm excited to be a guest blogger on Rachel's blog, though I was hesitant at first.  Though not a young mother, I am a mother of young children. [I also have 5 adult children and 5 grandchildren!]  I hope to be able to add something worthwhile to what all of the other wonderful guests have shared...
My husband and I were up before 6 am this morning.  Not unusual.  What was unusual is that our youngest stayed sleeping until 7!  Glorious!  I had time to send my sweetheart on his way (business trip across the country), make my "to do" list, and watch a portion of the latest episode of
Once Upon a Time.

Mr. Gold/Rumpelstiltskin is equal parts enigmatic, creepy, and manipulative.  And perhaps even a little bit charming. Did you know that it's rumored that Rumpelstiltskin is Henry's father?!

This boy always wakes up with a smile.  Sometime he even wakes up singing.  Raisin "Brown" is one of his favorite breakfasts.

This girl gets up later than her brother.  Always has.  She was excited to try a new Pumpkin Spice Oatmeal recipe - pumpkin and steel cut oats cooked overnight in the crockpot.  Because the recipe called for pumpkin pie spice, I think she was expecting it to taste like pumpkin pie. 
Nope.  Sadly, no one liked it...

While Miss J was getting ready for school, I worked on an order for one of my etsy customers.  She is a school teacher, and asked for a Mr. & Mrs. Valentine owl for her classroom. 

I hope that she likes them!
Here are some more Valentine owls that you can find in my etsy shop, The Blithe Bee.  These little owls are known to fly as far as New York City, Germany, London, and Australia!

After some cleaning, and getting sister ready and sent off to school, it's time to spin some Sound of Music, and ...

build awesome things with Legos, and play Candyland. It was a close game, but Mr. H won!

Next, it's time to go to a meeting.  I am the Relief Society president in my ward, and serve with some amazing ladies!  H loves to go to these meetings, because Brother Hanson always has fun things planned.  Sometimes they play with Legos, or drive remote control cars, or read together.  I am grateful that Brother Hanson keeps H so busy!

Our meeting ran late, so it's a fast trip home, and an even faster lunch.
And then H is off to Kindergarten.

Perhaps the fastest part of my day is the 2-1/2 hours when both kids are at school.  Today I learned how to do collages on Picnik.  (Too bad they're closing!  But until they do, their service is free!)  I also spent some time on my friend's new blog.  Kristen Moss Photography.  I used to be one of Kristen's youth leaders at church. It's fun to see wonderful girls grow up to be amazing women!

NEWSFLASH:  Just got a note from the teacher who inquired about the Mr. & Mrs. Valentine owls...

"They are adorable!!!  Please set up a custom order and I will pay asap!!"


Time for kiddos to come home from school, and then ...

Measuring the Amaryllis from Grandma B.  It's 18" tall, and is starting to open up!

Next, it's dinner (leftovers!), bathtime, getting the owls packaged and ready to send to Florida, and BED TIME.  Glorious bed time.

It's been a packed day, with most things crossed off my list.  Now it's time to head to bed.
 And read.
  That usually lasts for about 45 seconds.

Thank you for having this older mom on your blog, Rachel!

Thanks Teresa, and no, you are not old.

Wanna share a typical tuesday with us?
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Emma said...

fun post :). I too watch Once Upon a Time but I save it for Tuesday night when my husband is at church playing bball. I look forward to my time to watch it alone! BTW- cute owls!

Megan Marie said...

hoooooray! i love teresa. i especially love the photo of the bathing legs and the reading that lasts 45 second. you are wonder-woman!