Sunday, May 6, 2012

"I win!"

So, my girls are competitive. Not just with each other but with basically everything living.

We have learned to use this to our advantage.
Who can drink their smoothie the fastest?!
Who is going to win at picking up the toy room?!

We hope we can channel this competitiveness in good ways, any tips out there fellow parents?


alliehoopes said...

no joke...we have the same tupperware, same 2 princess cups, same white flowery outfit and same colored red folder sitting on my desk with the name Lily in the same spot.

Megan Marie said...

Every kid is so different. One of my boys is highly motivated by competition and he can handle losing with grace. Another is totally discouraged when he doesn't win every challenge and he takes it out on the winner. I think you just have to feel it out and make sure that the needs of every personality are taken into account. I'm sure if it causes any issues you'll spot them right away. :)