Friday, May 25, 2012

in the toy room

In the toy room we play with ponies mostly. They are the current obsession. 
We also read books, and I help the girls in their wardrobe change like a zillion times.
I have three daughters and its pretty sweet.


Tanya said...

i love the little rocking chair collection. your girls are super cute!

The Elegantly Raging Mom said...

I love this blog!!! I also really like the layout. I just have a question as I have been inspired to start my own blog. How did you set the layout to allow you to have the sub titles to the left - recipes, what i believe etc. that your readers can click on to read? I want something similar but for some reason everything I write is appearing on my main page

Thanks for your help

Megan Marie said...

i want to come play! my boys like ponies, too!

georgi said...

Reminds me of the kindergarten days...lots of!

kaitlyn said...

From one girl mom to another. My little pony show on Netflix. Awesome. Way better than Barbie movies.

Love the room. How awesome!