Thursday, May 31, 2012

just my thoughts tonight

Have you ever had the feeling like something bad is going to happen?
I feel that way as of late, I have the looming feeling something is about to happen. 
Maybe not bad, but something...hard?

I dont know, I think part of me is somewhat of a fatalist. Ever since my mom died when I was young, I just have the assumption that good things get taken away. Weird? Or maybe in my short 26 years of life I have noticed that when there are ups, there comes downs too (and vice versa)? 

Life just has been so good lately, sure I've had some post-partum crap going on, but other than that, I have a strong very happy marriage, three healthy and sweet daughters, a great house, Chad's got a good job, yadda yadda yadda, things are just really good right now. And so for me, that means something will be taken away, or something bad/difficult is going to happen.

While at church a few weeks ago the woman giving the lesson asked the question:
"What is faith with out trust? Nothing."

I think I need to work on my trust, in the Lord.


Southern Belle said...

I felt like that so strongly after I had Cheyenne. Its like life was just way too good to be true. Nothing super terrible has happened to us so far, so I think I was just like you so much happier than I had been my whole life and scared it wasn't going to last. I know the exact way you are feeling! It never hurts to prepare yourself just in case though, food storage, life insurance, wills, etc... just in case! And that bad stuff rarely happens when you are prepared, right? :)

Janell said...

Have you ever heard of "The Law of Attraction"?... Whatever you send into the Universe comes back. Try to focus on living in the now, soaking in all the wonderfulness and happiness around you in and living in it completely. We can't control tomorrow, so love today (and my bet is tomorrow will be just as good). I love you sis, let's facetime sometime soon. :)

JD said...

I so understand what you are talking about. Things have fallen into place so nicely for us with our move and Wade's new job. Heavenly Father's hand has been in all of it. But, I have the same feeling as you. Whenever something good has happened something bad will happen. Just how life has been for me too. I am afraid to exhale because things are so good right now. Someone told me or I read somewhere that it is okay to have good things happen to us. There doesn't always need to be something bad or negative happen to equal out the positive. Hang in there, again I totally get where you are at right now! Love ya!!!

Mary Mathews said...

Hang in there. Remember our Heavenly Father will only give us what we can handle and what we can learn and grow from. I am learning that right now.