Monday, May 14, 2012

mothers day, lets be honest.

How was your mothers day?
 I hope it was magical.
How was mine? I was a brat.
Ever done that?
Like, Chad made me breakfast, let me sleep in, we went for a hike, he made me lunch, changed get the picture, a stud.
I managed to want more, and then said that.

Sometimes I am a jerk. Chad was clearly showing me so much love and appreciation on a day dedicated to my calling in life and I was just a grump. I feel really bad, honestly. What else would I have wanted? And I honestly, don't know. I wasn't comparing myself to others, I just set up high expectations that I never expressed or clarified prior to mother's day, and thats just so unfair and stupid of me. 

Next year, this will not happen.
And by this, I mean I will not be a grumpy, ungrateful girl who expects her awesome husband to read her mind.

I guess thats the great thing about life, we get a lot of second chances and re-do's, right?


Bonnie & Tyler said...

I was kinda like this too. Except it was because my husband had to work. ALL day. It honestly felt like every other day, so I was pretty bummed out. But then he surprised me with a huge bouquet of flowers. :)

Andrea said...

I love this post. I have been like that many years and you are right, I totally did it to myself. I had to learn to drop the expectations.

Meagan Holden said...

Ha, Rach... I love how honest you are. Mother's day was magical in the fact that Jason somehow DID read my mind and secretly inside I was being a brat. lol. He ran to the store to get both me and his own mommy a mother's day gift... I was slightly irritated that he was gone in the morning (I wanted to spend it with him and Weston) and in my head I'm thinking, "He better not buy me flowers... how dumb, I want something practical, something worth our money." I was being so snotty! And guess what he came home with: FOOD! Can't get much more practical than that, huh!? He knows I like comfort food (ok, I like to eat in general) and I was having a knee flare up that day, so he bought me gluten free goodies etc. Anyways, you are a wonderful mom and I'm so happy you recognized the bratty-ness in yourself, so you can be a more grateful mom next year :) Chad loves you no matter what though :) Happy Mother's Day Rachel!

mimi said...

Wow, he made breakfast AND lunch? I didn't get breakfast, lunch, or dinner, or any presents! You are a lucky girl!

Megan Marie said...

love the pictures. and yes, i've been there many times.