Wednesday, May 23, 2012

my goal for summer:

Find balance with the help of a schedule.
Lately I have been having a hard time.
I make a to-do list for the day, and am full of ambition, then by the time its bed time I have like, two things checked off on the list.
I have a hard time figuring the balance between playing with my girls and getting stuff done. Like today I finally actually played with my girls right before naps, the whole dang morning I was rushing around the house getting as much done as possible. I'd sit Maggie down in a sea of toys and let her try and self-entertain, and feed her when she needed. The girls were outside playing. I mean, its great, my kids are easy and have fun with out me...but I feel like I could fill up my day with cleaning, organizing, prepping meals, and so forth and never play with my kids. Even when playing with them today the whole time I was going over lists of things I want to accomplish in my head.
I dont like that. 
So the plan is, make a schedule. Where we have work time, play time. 

Wish me luck, this is a very hard thing for me, the whole being organized and scheduling everything....but I know its what I need to do.

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Carly said...

Mary Kay says to have only 6 things on your to do list (beyond the usual daily household chores) and stick to those 6 - if you don't get to all 6, move the remaining to the next day. It has really helped me to prioritize & simplify, and to be realistic about what I can do in a day. Maybe try it? :) I need a schedule too, so tell me what works for you because that is where I'm really failing right now. Crazy life! :)