Monday, May 21, 2012

we made it!

We made to Iowa and back! Alive, and in no need of therapy, I consider that a success! 
That was a lot of driving. But most definitely worth it to visit one of our favorite grandma's.
When traveling with kids, especially for drives like we just did=all day of driving, I highly recommend scheduling fun stops, and rather frequently. In fact, that's a must. We did the Omaha Zoo+Aquarium one stop, holy sea turtle, it was amazing.  Other times we would just google "cool parks in Kansas City" or something like that and read reviews and find cool (free) places. It made it a little less crazy.

Now off to bed.

Every night Chad and I make a plan to watch a movie together, but once we sit down after the girls are in bed all we wanna do is sleep.
Someday, we really will watch Dan In Real Life (one of our all time faves), but as for now, sleep trumps all. Even brushing my teeth tonight.

Smell ya later.

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