Monday, June 25, 2012

My Magnolia in the end of June

Magnolia June had her 7 month check up, 
supposed to be six month, but we're a little late.
She weighs 22 lbs, and is 28 inches long.
97 percentile for weight, 92 for height and 100% dream baby.

She is just the yummiest, funniest baby.
She has a little low voice. 
Loves food. She is pretty much skipping the whole baby thing and diving right into the good stuff. She loves strawberries. I sit her in the high chair and put some on her tray, she grabs it in her perfect chubby hand and sucks on it like crazy. Also, bananas are high up there, she holds on and mashes that thing with her ninja death grip.
She just wants to be a big kid, really.
Her sisters ran outside to go jump on the trampoline and Maggie, as fast as she could army/regular crawled to the back door and just hit the window and watched them. My little puppy.

She still is a nursing champion, and apparently I produce either orca milk, or melted ice cream cause this little girl...aint that little. My left arm is substantially stronger than my right, because I always hold her on my left.

When she gets happy she smiles way big=mouth just wide open. She also is an excellent clapper. She tries to mimic everything we do, the sounds we make, the actions we do...especially doing "raspberries".

I just laid her down for her nap. She was sound asleep, rosy cheeks, arms up over her head, legs splayed out like a frog, head to the side and I just stood there and stared at her. I do this with all my babies, there is just something so heavenly about a sleeping baby. 

My sweet Maggie, I wish I could tell her to just slow down. I am just loving her just like this so much, I want it to last longer! I know each stage is so fun and I'll love it....but come on it's 2012 haven't we figured out how to keep babies, babies forever? 

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kaitlyn said...

orca milk! i love it.

i only produce skim milk, so unfortunately i have scrawny little babies that everyone thinks are diseased or something. more power to you!