Sunday, August 19, 2012

check points

Whenever I stop nursing, thats when my baby weight comes off.
I have a ways to go to get back to where I was pre-Maggers, but I'm slowly getting there.
I have check points ever two weeks and every month. It helps me stay in check. And now that the weather is slowly getting cooler (only in the 80's and it so heavenly!) I can start running outside now too, which is my favorite.

I am going to reward myself once I get to my goal with:
 a new dress...maybe from here?
and a new hair cut.

This is actually motivating me. Cute clothes motivate me.

I really don't like blog posts about weight from me, or anyone in that matter. 
But now that I have it in the open I think it may help me? We'll see.


Traci said...

Cute clothes also motivates me. Especially this time around since this will likely be our last.

Southern Belle said...

Oh my gosh I want that second dress! Where can I get it?

Carly said...

A shabby apple dress is my reward too!! I have mini-rewards every 5 pounds (like a new OPI nail polish, the most recent issue of Matthew Meades magazine... little things like that) and then in the end that big prize of a SA dress... I have mine picked out (it's pinned on my pinterest!)

Krista & Tyler said...

I wanted to post about my weight loss struggles too, but I'm not that brave yet. haha I'm not brave about a lot of things publicly. But, I'm glad you are. A lot of the things you talk about bring me strength. So, thanks.