Monday, August 6, 2012

our summer

This summer will go down in history as: the summer when my kids got sick way too much.

See this baby? Her ear infection is now finally gone (yay!), that took two weeks and she's still on antibiotics. The past few days she's had a low fever and just wants to sleep and cuddle. Then this morning she woke up with a rash alllll lover her little chubby body. So we went to the doc and sure enough, just a virus and have to let it run it's corse. 
Really?! I hope this means that we are all clear for the fall and winter. 
Cause, we have really paid our dues this summer.

On a good note, the girls and I played with the hose and soaked each other all morning. 
ANNNND I caught big butterfly mid air, one handed, while holding a baby. Is it bad I kinda just want to let is "fall asleep forever" in the jar that is it new home so I can frame it?...

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kaitlyn said...

that is totally bad a!!! i mean who catches butterflies with their bare hands, let alone while holding a baby???? keep it forever. if i tell my girls this story they will think you are a super hero!

and i hope you don't get sick anymore. maybe the butterfly was a "sign".