Monday, August 13, 2012

this morning looked like this:

This morning was glorious!
I woke up and it was below 80* F outside...I honestly cant remember the last time it was that cool out. Really.
So I declared that we would skip the gym and go for a bug hut/throw rocks in the water adventure.
So first I had to load up, which means I gather:
  • 3 sippies
  • 3 snack bags full of berries and grapes
  • stroller
  • diapers+wipes
  • ponies, one for each
  • backpack
  • bug catching nets
  • bug jar (with holes in the lid!)
  • Eden's scarfy (cant leave the house with out it)
  • shoes for three people
  • phone...debate bringing my camera...but thats just too big

 Once thats loaded up, we blast the tunes and drive to our favorite trail. And incase you were wondering, Lils and Eden are indeed bug hunting-ballerina-princesses. 

 It was so fun, and SUCH  a work out.
Please look at the shadow picture above. Thats two kids in a stroller, probably 80 lbs collectively. And then Maggers on my back thats 23 lbs. Now imagine doing that, up a very long and steep hill. (equivilant to Barkley for those fellow Bellingham-ites). Oh and imagine the whole time the Maggers if pulling your hair out...I have never wanted to shave my head so bad in my life!

Oh maybe this means fall really will come! I live for the fall, its MY time. 

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