Wednesday, September 12, 2012

putting on the brakes

Have you found yourself getting caught in the tornado of "busy"?
Chad and I sat down last night and he almost tearfully said: "I miss you."
But the thing is, I haven't been anywhere, just here, always on the go he and I, and our three girls.
We are just at the start of the storm of busy. Lily isn't even in kindergarden yet.
Swim lessons, work, dance class, yoga, guitar lessons, homeschooling, meetings, church duties, doing stuff with friends, going grocery shopping, going to the post office...

Our days are packed it seems, we are always going and doing a lot. But, thats not living life, that's doing a lot, good activities or not. We lay down at night on a Sunday and try and remember what happened during the week but it's such a blur we can't remember specifics. Like I said, that's not LIVING thats just doing.

So. We are changing that. We need more live more, together.

To start, this means, we dedicate two days a week (or more if we can) to when Chad get home from work, we are done going. We play in the yard, we actually sit down and eat dinner together. Get Lily confident on her bike sans training wheels, teach my girls how to longboard. Read books, maybe watch a movie together.  This requires planning, and saying "no". Thats hard. We also plan we need to plan fun adventures, like planning on a camping trip next weekend, just us five. And I can't wait, cause I miss Chad too.

So wish us luck on this slowing down business, it's hard to put on the brakes sometimes, ya know?

(picture of us, by Lady Hue)


Marin said...

Love following your blog. We're in the same boat right now, I needed to read this from someone else!

debsfreckles said...

I know exactly what you mean. We have had to do the same cause I don't want to spend my life in the car.

debsfreckles said...

Also, I love the picture. I am totally going to make one.

Megan Marie said...

that's where we're at right now, too!