Wednesday, September 19, 2012

the one thing

I decided once I became a parent, that if I could only teach my girls ONE thing, it would be to pray.
Recently we have had two experiences that have made me so proud of my kids:

We went for a walk a few days ago with our fairies. They are tiny and happen to be Eden's favorite things in the world (well, next to ponies, duh). Also, they are about the size of your pinky finger, and reallllly hard to find if dropped in very tall grass. Dare I say: invisible. We had been walking a little while and Eden started to get teary and soon bawling cause: "my magical beautiful princess Tiana fairy is LOOOOOSTTTTT!".

We scoured the grass. Nothing. So I stopped all three of the girls. I told them that we didn't know where the fairy was, but Heavenly Father did. And He knows how happy the fairy makes Eden, and that she is so special, and He WILL help us find her, and make her safe again. Eden and I said a prayer together, in my heart I was saying a prayer of "please help us find this toy so they can know that prayers really does work!". We turned around took a few steps and Eden found the precious fairy. 
"Mommy! Heavenly Father helped her be safe, and helped us find her! He listened to me!"

I was so grateful our prayer was answered, and that little two year old Eden noticed God's hand in all of  it.

A few days later we got home from church and the garage door just would not shut. For a bout ten minutes Chad tried a bunch of things. Lily noticed this and immediately said: "Daddy, lets say a prayer, Heavenly Father knows that we need His help, and He will shut it for us. Mommy says Hemmy Father ALWAYS listens to our prayers. Lets say a prayer, ok?" (insert Chad being speechless) And Lily went right on and said it: "dear Hemmy Father, please bless our garage will shut and it will be really shut so it will be closed. Name-a-Jesus-Christ-amen."

She pushed the button, and it shut.

Once again, I was SO proud.

I hope they never, ever forget that they can always pray. Heavenly Father always listens, and he always answers, maybe not how we expect them to, or on our time line, but he always does.


JDS said...

So cute and such a great lesson for them to learn so young!

Daniel and Belinda said...

I absolutely love this. Let's hope it's something they will never forget!

Megan Marie said...

I love that children's prayers are so simple and sincere. And I love that Father cares about their fallen fairies. Life is so good!

Anonymous said...

Such a great post. I've always thought the one thing I'd teach my kids is to be A+ students. But now after reading this, I think I just want them to learn how to pray. It's been a long time since I've prayed, but after reading this post yesterday, I've prayed and they've been answered. Keep on doing what you're doing. You're amazing.