Wednesday, September 5, 2012


So for the next six day we will be watching a baby boy and a parakeet.
I am actually really excited for some more testosterone in the house, he's a little dream baby, and the bird....well, it is the ultimate entertainment for my girls. 

Literally, Lily has been sitting in front of the cage sweet talking the bird to try and get it out for bout an hour.

"Come on birdy, its ok, I am so nice and I am your friend."
"Biiiiirrrrrrrrdddddiiieeeeeee come ooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnn LET ME HOLD YOU."
"Mommy, can you get gloves on and grab her for me?"
"Birdy, You are so pretty, lets play!"

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Krista & Tyler said...

I loved my parakeet. We named him Pringle, like the chip. The natives that eat parakeets say that they're just like eating a snack; pringles were my favorite snack as a child, hence the barbaric name. hahhaha Enjoy!