Monday, October 15, 2012


Been a while! For me, a week-ish with no blog posts is a while, right?!
Well, Chad got strep, then I did, and Maggie had an ear infection.
Then I got busy, and kinda forgot I had a blog.

A lot of thing have happened! I took a ton of pictures! And then they were all deleted accidentally and I want to cry. Seriously, I am breathing through it. That home birth experiences has translated to so many other aspects of my life, even deleting a couple hundred priceless pictures.

I had so many pictures of the Mule Jump! Just picture: crazy fried foods, old people with amazing square dancing get-up, very proud cowboys, lots of overalls+beards, mules jumping over stuff, kids racing mules...basically just a little slice of perfect Arkansas pie.

AND Eden turned THREEEEE! just picture: her opening presents: an a-frame tent (homemade!)!, water colors! coloring book! skittles! And she totally had her pink cake with pink frosting and pink sprinkles...with trick candles! And she got to have mac and cheese for dinner. 

AND Chad and I went on a date to see "here comes the boom" and we liked it! Which was funny, cause we are so not into fighting, or guns, or basically anything violent in nature, but we liked this. 
AND! Lily learned how to ride a bike!!!!!! Like, no training wheels, owns the road (sidewalk) kind of bike. She is basically the biggest deal.

AND I tried potty training Eden for a second time, and gave up, again. It will happen, hopefully by the time she is 12. Nope, not looking for advice, just consistency/patience from me and the ability to not leave the house for pretty much a week. Or someone I can ship her off to do it for me.

AND Maggie is super close to walking. I just wanna push her down so she wont. She is my baby and babies don't walk. Once she walks, then she runs, then she drives away in my car to college and then gets married and all of a sudden I am a grandma and shes the president of the USA.

Oh, and I cut 8 inches off my hair:
Sup. I like it, but its still weird. I mean, this is short for me, like way short. I am used to having hair past the elbows. But I am getting used to it. It has forced me to actually DO my hair, which is good for me I think. No more just air dry, and put up in a messy bun and ignore it for three days. 

Well, peace out, I need to go to bed, its almost 9 bed time.

And heres to more blogging from me, cause I do like it here.


Andrea said...

I like you here too :)
Super cute hair!!

Tabitha said...

I love your blog so I'm definitely excited to more blogging from you (:

Have you tried downloading a program to recover the photos from your camera? I wiped my memory card once and the program got most of them back (the quality wasn't as good but it was better than not having them at all) (:

Andrea said...

I was also thinking that you should try a recovery program. I have had the best luck with Zero Assumption Recovery. I downloaded their free version at Good luck if you decide to try it!

Bonnie and Tyler said...

CUTE HAIR!! I have been wanting to cut mine too... but too many people say I shouldn't. And yes... push that baby over. I wish Jake would have waited a little longer.

Southern Belle said...

haha.... my favorite part of this post was, "nope, not looking for advice:)" awesome!

Rachelle said...

i tried potty training forest over conference weekend. it. was. lame. he was totally not ready and i knew it but tried anyway. major bust. maybe by the time he's 12 he'll be potty trained too.

love your hair.