Friday, November 30, 2012

and so today was awesome

I have totally rededicated myself to really studying the scriptures. I feel very human in the fact that I have said that first sentence very often, lots of rededication going on for me. Any ways. I am not just reading, I am studying. I have my journal open with the questions in my heart and I search. From 5:30 AM until the girls wake up. And just like I knew it would, it has been life changing, for the best. 
Today I talked to sweet relatives I haven't talked to in a long time. A friend of my mom's from when she was in high school, came over and we met for the first time, and she brought pictures AND letters from her when she was at BYU. I cherish anything that has her hand writing on it, let alone her thoughts and feelings. It was so sweet, once again, it made me proud to be Laura Knutson's daughter. Her friend told me that I look like her, that I talk like her, and I act like her. I find that kind of rad, seeing that I have not seen her since I was 11.
And then, we wrote letters to santa, I wrote down exactly what the girls said and it just made me want to bottle them up and keep them 3 and 4 forever. The funny thing is about the lists, they came totally unprompted and I was surprised by each item. I mean, a cookie jar? I didn't even know Eden knew what that was, honestly. 
After writing letters, the three of us (Maggers was taking a nap) climbed into my bed and read the new (to us) books that my Grandma sent us for almost two hours. It was awesome. 

THEN we had pumpkin curry for dinner. And THEN I went grocery shopping solo, and the chubby, hairy, guy at the Walmart deli winked and kinda shimmied at me? Can't beat that. AND to top it all off, Chad and I just demolished a thing of Phish Food ice cream.

And now I am done. And I can not wait for tomorrow. 

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Rachael said...

Hi! I just found your blog. You have a super cute family.