Saturday, November 10, 2012

taking what I said, back.

I know I said I was going on a technology fast. 
And, I know I said I felt indifferent about the election.
But I need to take both of those things back.

My heart just feels kind of heavy.
This election I learned that I just really, really, really dislike politics. I really did not like all the negativity the candidates would feast upon about the other candidate. I get it, you need to point out the pros and cons of each other.  And I get it, politics isn't about sunshine and daisies and unicorns.
But for some reason I was just really affected by it.
I really despised all the hurtful things people would say in public, on Facebook, in random conversations, directed at their opposing view. A blatant lack of respect for fellow citizens. 

I am not super conservative, nor am I very liberal. 
There is a lot of good on either party, in my opinion. 

Do I think Obama will do his best? I sure hope so. Do I think Romney would have done a good job? I think he would have. I am being kinda/really ramble-y. Just, does any one else feel the loss of hope in our people? People pro-Obama and pro-Romney. It feels like the country is getting more and more divided, and maybe that is what's hard for me? The lack of unity, or, the lack of feeling that our nation is working towards the same goals, together.

So that's where I am with this whole election.

I keep the quote running in my heart: 
"Your future is as bright as your faith."
-Thomas S. Monson


Bonnie and Tyler said...

ty and i felt EXACTLY the same way.

Unknown said...

I have a million things I'd love to say but I don't have the time to write it all. But I LOVE your quote AND I highly recommend the book "None Dare Call it Conspiracy" ... Ezra Taft Benson even endorsed this book and publicly encouraged everyone to read it in general conference in the 1970's. wayyyyyyy long ago but this book is so amazing and applicable to us today! Xo

Rachel said...

Welcome back. :) Love that quote!

Me and My Boys said...

I have been having the same thoughts. I signed out of FB and any other media coming up to the elections and the week past. It just made my heart ache, it all felt very hateful.
I Loved the lesson from George Albert Smith this past Sunday on the "power of kindness", it couldn't have been more appropriate.
As Elder Holland has said, the outcome is already decided, we just need to remember what jersey we will be wearing while on earth. I'm paraphrasing but that was the jest of it. Glad I'm not the only one that felt this way.