Wednesday, December 5, 2012

searching and finding

I mentioned a few posts ago how I have rededicated myself to really studying the scriptures. Not just listening to them while I make breakfast, but to actually ready, with my journal open, with the questions in my heart, and really searching for the answers.
*Painting of Esther by my favorite religious artist: Minerva Teichert

The question I wrote in my journal today was: 
"How can I raise my daughters to be confident women, who do not feel inferior to men, or anyone, but know of their divine nature (a daughter of God) and that God views them as equals to men."

This question is always on my mind, I guess. I remember many times growing up as a kid and as a youth that I really did question women's value, were men just more important? 
If anyone knew my mom when she was a live, she was a bold women. She vocalized many times how women are equal (we have different roles from men sometimes, but we are equal) meaning that God did not make women to be lesser than men. I was a child of God just as much as my father and my brother. I was valued and loved just as much. I want my girls to have that knowledge, so if they ever have a question of their value, they can say: My parents and God say I am daughter of God, so I am worth it. 

I don't want this to come across as me being angry or jaded against men. Cause I am not. I have been blessed with an amazing father, brothers, husband and friends. But we all know there are so many mixed messages out there regarding femininity, sexuality, and basically everything about women.

So this morning next to my christmas tree I prayed, and then opened up to Esther. I love this woman. She was smart. I took my time and only got to verse 17 so far, but its amazing what you can learn when you have an open heart, with a pen and paper at the ready. So far I realized I need to teach my girls how to recognize reactive behavior, people who try to instill fear, and so forth. 

I am so excited to read more tomorrow morning. I love reading, no, studying the scriptures, I think about what I read all day and get little whispers to my heart that answer  little pieces of my questions. It is a great feeling.


Hays said...

Gosh that picture is beautiful. One of my absolute favorite stories too!

Anonymous said...

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Rachel Ashmore said...

That's my favorite religious artist too.

Nina said...